Home of the Hypoallergenic Curly Sporthorse

Our Mares

* Schimm'l Von Krauseln

ABC 1721, CSI C00612-90
Born May 1st, 1990

This grulla mare keeps her beautiful mane and tail year round. She passes her beauty and presence unto her foals. Her movement is pretty with good knee and hock action. She is a gentle, willing horse with lots of spirit. I think Schimm'l would have made a nice dressage horse, but at her age she will stay here as my trail riding mare. She is 14.3 hands. (Click here to view her pedigree.)

* Precious Marble Fire

ABC P-1517(F), CSI C00613-91
Born June 9th, 1991

This mare has very little mane and tail, but always has very curly foals. She has a pretty head and nice conformation. Her movement is very smooth and even with a long stride. She is exceptionally docile, making a great trail riding horse, never spooking about anything on the trail. She is a little over 15 hands. (Click here to view her pedigree.)

* RR LaBamba

ABC 2650, CSI C00514-99, ICHO 1065-D
Born June 3rd, 1999

Sire: * Sockeye ABC 1169(F)
Dam: * Party Doll ABC 1655(F)

* RR LaBamba came here from Yanagi Stables. I had always really liked LaBamba while visiting at her previous home, so when she was offered for sale, what could we do but buy this lovely mare and welcome her as part of our Curly Horses. LaBamba measures 16 hands and her three full siblings range from 15.2 1/2 to 16.2 hands. LaBamba has given us some lovely foals which reached 16 hands or more at maturity.  LaBamba is a powerful horse with a sweet temperament and lots of stretch in her movement. She has the smoothest trot to ride. We hope to raise some quality sporthorse foals from LaBamba, ones with the genes to grow very tall and athletic.

* Prairie Mona Lisa Curl

Born May 20th, 2006

Sire: * Hawk's Midnite Shadow
Dam: BNC Miss Fancy Velvet

Mona is a 15.2 hand beautiful buckskin mare that seems to catch most people's eye that come to visit. She has a caring demeanor, tries very hard to please, and follows me around like a loyal puppy dog. I love her personality, her conformation, and her movement. She is such a unique mix of gentleness, presence, and intelligence. Thanks Sheila for allowing us to buy her.

* Mead's Ebony Spirit

ABC 3050, CSI C00610-99
Born May 1st, 1999

This mare came here as a horse with no handling. She now leads and loves her scratches from head to tail. She has a kind, gentle nature which she passes unto her foals. Ebony has also proven to pass her size unto her off-spring. She has a 5 year old (Lightning) over 16 hands, a 4 year old (Gryphon or Thunder) at 16 hands, and a 3 year old (Mystique) at 15.2 hands. Ebony keeps a full mane and tail. She is a large horse at 15.3 hands. After searching for a large black mare with lots of black down the line in her pedigree we found her at Joe Meads. (Click here to view her pedigree.)

* Mead's Spirit Lake Grulla

ABC 2694, CSI C00611-99
Born June 7th, 1999

We didn't expect to find another brood mare with the pretty grulla colour, but here she is, with a pretty head and kind eye. She is a shy mare that only tolerates limited touching. As an unhandled horse when she came here, * Mead's Spirit Lake Grulla has made some progress. At least she trusts me enough to come up to me for a chat and she now enjoys having her head and neck scratched. She doesn't mind at all when we work with her foals. She is estimated between 15.1-15.2 hands. (Click here to view her pedigree.)

* MCH Buckskin Beauty

ABC 3495
Born May 7th, 2002

This was the first horse to make friends with us, of the Joe Mead horses we brought home. She now leads and loves attention. She has a floating trot. Beauty has a pretty head and correct conformation. She is a smaller mare at 14.2 hands. (Click here to view her pedigree.)

* FloraLake Precious Jewel

ABC 3642
Born May 22nd, 2006

We will be keeping this fillie as a future brood mare to pass on the * Precious Marble Fire and Pinto Pete lines.

* FloraLake Maya Kanene

ABC 4135 , CSI C00792-14
Born April 23rd, 2014

Sire: * TO Shadow's Black Diamond
Dam: * RR LaBamba

Kanene is a liver chestnut young mare with proven bloodlines for size and performance as a dressage horse. Early indicators predict Kanene as easily maturing at 16 hands or more. As a 3 year old she measures 15.3 hands. Kanene looks much like her 16 hand dam LaBamba who has given us off-spring as tall as herself or more. Her sire Black Diamond has many ribbons and awards in dressage. Kanene's movement is floating and she has a nice free shoulder giving her extra reach and length of stride. Kanene is put together correctly and has a pretty head with a kind eye. She is very sweet to work with and loves practising her ground work, being groomed, picking up feet, or just hanging out with her humans.

Update: Kanene is no longer for sale as we will be keeping her for our breeding program.