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Curly Ponies

After searching world wide for a small curly pony for a client, I realized how rare curly ponies really are. Thus the dream was launched to start a small curly pony breeding program to help those children which are allergic to regular ponies. Like curly horses, curly ponies are usually hypoallergenic. We chose Captain Midnight EB, from Bancroft Curly Ponies, as our future curly pony herd sire. Captain is a black, curly pony, miniature cross. He is mostly smooth coated with a few swirls in his coat and waves in his tail hair. We knew we had to find a very curly pony mare if we wanted the curly gene to be passed onto their offspring. We found * OYY Rosalee at Top O' The Hill Farm. She is a palomino with a pretty split mane and lots of curls. Our first small to medium sized Curly pony foal was born on June 24, 2011!

Captain Midnight EB

Born May 1st, 2007

Sire: * Pirate's Little Skipper; Grandsire: * The Pirate EB
Dam: Shadow Run Midnight Mocha Express

Captain Midnight has a beautiful sculptured head with large kind eyes. He has the friendly calm temperament of the curly horse, with big athletic movement for such a little one. Captain is expected to mature around 38".

* FloraLake Little Frisco

Born May 12th, 2013

Sire: Captain Midnight EB
Dam: * OYY Rosalee

Frisco is a palomino curly pony gelding with an exceptional temperament. He is so easy to work with and tries so hard to please his humans.  He is a confident boy not afraid of anything and friendly to anyone wanting to spend time with him. Very nice movement too. Frisco would make a stylish driving pony, or a fun children's pony. He has the curls with a full mane and tail.

$3,700 CAD

* OYY Rosalee

ABC 679 3/4, ICHO 914-D
Born May 22nd, 2007

Sire: * CDHC Cherokee's Storm ABC 677 1/2
Dam: * Biscuit ABC 2422

Rosalee is a lovely golden palomino in the summer with lighter curls during the winter time. She has large eyes with curled eyelashes, a pretty split mane, and a friendly, willing temperament. She is quite athletic, as she jumped the gate in her pasture, one of the first times she was turned out after arriving here. Rosalee has matured at 13.3 hands. She has had several nice curly coated ponies for us.

Daisy EB

registered WCMHR
Born 2015

Daisy is a 37" cremello miniature mare. She has the sweetest temperament a horse could have. She is so kind, gentle, and friendly to everyone she meets.


Born July, 2009

Sire: Sab's Dream Bruce, AMHR, 32"
Dam: Daisy EB

Princess is a palomino miniature fillie with blue eyes. She has a white star, snip, and four white socks. She has the sweetest temperament like her dam. She loves children and is easy to handle, a real pleasure to play with.


* FloraLake Little Copper

Born June 24th, 2011

Sire: Captain Midnight EB
Dam: * OYY Rosalee

* Copper is the first small to medium sized Curly pony born here at FloraLake. He is so cute, sweet, and playful. Copper is a sorrel colt with curls, plus lots of mane and tail. He moves with lots of knee and hock action like his sire which has some show winning mini driving lines in his pedigree. Copper has very good conformation with a little sculptured head. We think he will mature from 11-12 hands.

SOLD to Quebec, Canada