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Our prices include coggins test, health papers, and quarantine here at FloraLake for our overseas buyers. We prefer to quarantine here on the farm so we can continue to have a partnership with our horses until the day they must leave us. For Canadian and US buyers we either give a discount on transporting costs or deliver. All horses are up to date on deworming, hoof care, and ground manners or appropriate training for age level. All horses are fed quality hay, extra minerals or grains, and fresh water at all times.

FloraLake Mirage Carbonado

ABC S762 , CSI S05537-13
Born March 29th, 2013 , Male

Sire: * TO Shadow's Black Diamond
Dam: * Mead's Ebony Spirit

Tall 15.2 hand, black, straight haired, Curly sporthorse stallion with awesome movement for dressage. Registered with ABCR and Curly Sporthorse International. Carbonado has powerful, forward movement with lots of extension, suspension, and impulsion. A lovely topline and pretty head with a perfect diamond, hense his name Carbonado (meaning black diamond in Spanish). With his white socks Carbonado is likely to pass on the chrome to his off-spring. Carbonado's sire, Black Diamond won many awards and ribbons showing up to Second Level dressage and schooling Third Level. Carbonado loves people and is respecful to handle.

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*FloraLake Aishihik Harper

ABCR 4335
Born April 16th, 2022 , Male

Sire: * Mead's Aishihik Twist
Dam: * FloraLake Precious Jewel

Harper is a bay curly colt who will have the full mane and tail as he grows. Harper has lots of presence and thinks he's pretty cool. Sweet as can be though and looking for his new family. Expected to mature at 14.3 to 15 hands.

$7,000 CAD

FloraLake Aishihik Jace

Born April 21st, 2022 , Male

Sire: * Mead's Aishihik Twist
Dam: * MCH Buckskin Beauty

Jace is a handsome straight coated grullo colt. At this time he is reserved for our own breeding program. Looking forward to see how he develops. Jace's sire is 20 years old this year - still healthy and young at heart.

FloraLake Patriot

ABCR 4345
Born May 11th, 2023 , Male

Sire: * Mead's Aishihik Twist
Dam: * MCH Buckskin Beauty

Patriot is a handsome bay dun, curly colt who is extra confident, curious, and friendly. Nice floating movment, correct conformation, and lots of personality. Patriot has the curly coat and a full mane & tail. He loves being groomed, spending time with his humans for leading lessons, picking up feet, or just hanging out. He would make a great stallion for a breeding program. Or a willing partner to train further in the discipline of your choice. According to his size now and that of his full siblings, we expect Patriot to mature at 15 to 15.1 hands.

$7,500 CAD

FloraLake Night Wind

will be registered ABCR
Born November 11th, 2023 , Male

Sire: *FloraLake Mystic Condor
Dam: FloraLake Sasha

FloraLake Night Wind is an all black curly colt. He is the first foal by our stallion FloraLake Mystic Condor and our grulla mare Sasha. Night Wind resembles his sire and it looks like he has inherited the exceptional movement as well. We expect him to mature at 15.2 to 15.3 hands. Night Wind is very friendly and curious about things and has started his halter training. He would make a quality stallion or gelding. 

$8,000 CAD

FloraLake Ais Daybreak

will be registered ABCR
Born April 29th, 2024 , Male

Sire: * Mead's Aishihik Twist
Dam: * Prairie Mona Lisa Curl

Daybreak is a very nice looking bay curly colt. He has lots of extension in his trot and likes to show it when moving about. He would make a lovely dressage horse and a great stallion too. Daybreak has a curious, friendly, confident temperament. We expect him to mature at 15.2 to 15.3 hands. He will have the full mane and tail as we can tell by his full, wide, fluffy tail now.

$8,000 CAD

* FloraLake Sundancer

ABC 3923, CSI C00698-10
Born July 1st, 2010 , Male

Sire: * TO Shadow's Black Diamond
Dam: * MCH Buckskin Beauty

Sundancer is a 12 year old Curly gelding that loves trail riding. He is curious about things he meets and is not spooky. Sundancer is a gentle horse with a good mind. He is the type of horse you can trail ride one day and show another. He is handsome and nicely put together if you wish to advance his training in dressage, jumping, or other disciplines as he is a versatile horse. Sundancer stands nicely for mounting, has a smooth trot and canter, or is patient to walk if the rider wishes. He has a good stop too. As you scroll down his page there are pictures of him growing up and on down to foal size. New riding video below.


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* TO Shadow's Black Diamond

ABC 3641, CSI C00609-06
Born April 12th, 2006 , Male

We would like to introduce you to our young black Curly stallion * TO Shadow's Black Diamond ("Ozzie"), a son of the handsome * Hawk's Midnite Shadow and 3/4 brother to the amazing * Shadow's Hawk Spirit (* Heartbreaker"). * Black Diamond is growing more handsome everyday as he matures and his movement is stunning as well. He is 15.1 hands tall and growing with powerful forward movement. We are very excited to see how he develops further. Black Diamond was green broke by Chet Martin and it appeared like they had a lot of fun in the process. After this Black Diamond started his dressage training with Rebecca Schoenhardt. She did a fine job of preparing him for some Walk-Trot and Training Level tests. Annie Baird has taken on Black Diamond's training and showing. They make a great team with both seeming to really enjoy their work. Annie has shown Black Diamond at the RCRA Snowflake Series Bronze Dressage Shows during the 2010 - 2011 winter months. They have earned decent scores and 7 first place ribbons competing at Training Level! Congratulations to both for their dedication and achievement in these Open classes! Annie Baird and *Black Diamond have had a successful summer in 2011 showing First Level at the open silver dressage shows. They earned 5 - 1st, 2 - 2nd, 2 - 3rd, and 1 - 6th placing in tests 1 to 3 at First Level. They were also Reserve Champion at the # 3 Caledon Dressage Silver Show and named Reserve Champion of Open First Level at the 2011 Western Ontario Silver Dressage Championships! Black Diamond and Annie earned two HOY awards in 2011 - one for Training Level and another at First Level. In 2012 Annie Baird and Black Diamond have been working hard at Second Level. They showed at all three Caledon Dressage Silver Shows bringing home ribbons from each. They earned the 2012 Caledon Dressage Year End Award as Reserve Champions in Open Second Level! They were also Grand Champions of the August Caledon Dressage Silver Show in Second level! Annie Baird and Black Diamond schooled Third Level dressage doing a great job with those flying changes. Update! Black Diamond had several years off from showing and "had the life!" just living with his mares and foals in pasture. He is being ridden now again - sometimes in the outdoor sand ring, other times out and about the farm. Black Diamond loves trail riding and is a very versatile stallion. He can be ridden by a novice rider as in the video below or he can give it all in the show ring! 

Video of Black Diamond around the farm.

Black Diamond has sired his first foals in 2010, which all seem to have his exceptional movement.

SOLD to Ontario, Canada

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