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Our prices include coggins test, health papers, and quarantine here at FloraLake for our overseas buyers. We prefer to quarantine here on the farm so we can continue to have a partnership with our horses until the day they must leave us. For Canadian and US buyers we either give a discount on transporting costs or deliver. All horses are up to date on deworming, hoof care, and ground manners or appropriate training for age level. All horses are fed quality hay, extra minerals or grains, and fresh water at all times.

* FloraLake Maya Kanene

ABC 4135 , CSI C00792-14
Born April 23rd, 2014

Sire: * TO Shadow's Black Diamond
Dam: * RR LaBamba

Kanene is a liver chestnut filly with proven bloodlines for size and performance as a dressage horse. Early indicators predict Kanene as easily maturing at 16 hands or more. As a yearling she is already over 15 hands. Kanene looks much like her 16 hand dam LaBamba who has given us off-spring as tall as herself or more. Her sire Black Diamond has many ribbons and awards in dressage. Kanene's movement is floating and she has a nice free shoulder giving her extra reach and length of stride. Kanene is put together correctly and has a pretty head with a kind eye. She is very sweet to work with and loves practising her ground work, being groomed, picking up feet, or just hanging out with her humans.

$6,500 CAD

* FloraLake AiSpirit Foxfire

ABC 4015, CSI C00731-11
Born May 31st, 2011

Sire: * Mead's Aishihik Twist
Dam: * Mead's Spirit Lake Grulla

* Foxfire is a 5 year old, red dun, Curly mare going well under saddle, walk, trot, canter. Foxfire also enjoys trail riding and is quite confident when she meets new things. Foxfire likes her work and spending time with her humans. She is put together nicely and measures 14.3 hands.

$5,500 CAD

FloraLake MiEbony Flicka

ABC and CSI registrations pending
Born June 5th, 2015

Sire: * TO Shadow's Black Diamond
Dam: * Mead's Ebony Spirit

Flicka is a straight coated black filly. She has a refined feminine look to her and is also a pretty mover. A fine dressage prospect. Flicka's temperament is exceptional - very friendly and clever to work with.

$5,300 CAD

*FloraLake Annabella

ABCR and CSI registrations pending
Born July 3rd, 2015

Sire: * Mead's Aishihik Twist
Dam: * Prairie Mona Lisa Curl

Annabella is an adorable black filly. Her coat is extra thick with a loose curl. Just have a look at that lush tail. She will have the full ringlet mane & tail like her dam Mona and her sire Aishihik Twist. Annabella wants to be in the middle of everything and is lots of fun to work with. She loves playing in the water tank until she is thoroughly wet, splashing any of her pasture mates who come to see what she is up to. Very confident and sweet Annabella is looking for her new family.

$5,500 CAD

FloraLake Sierra Beauty

ABCR pending
Born May 3rd, 2016

Sire: * Mead's Aishihik Twist
Dam: * MCH Buckskin Beauty

FloraLake Sierra Beauty is a 2016 straight coated, red dun filly. She has large expressive eyes to set off her pretty face and strong build. Curious, confident, and friendly like most of her siblings have been. Sierra Beauty will likely mature at 15 to 15.1 hands.

$4,500 CAD

* FloraLake AiEbony LaRose

ABC 3922, CSI C00700-10
Born May 16th, 2010

Sire: * Mead's Aishihik Twist
Dam: * Mead's Ebony Spirit

LaRose is a black 5 year old mare who has just come up for sale. (Scroll to the bottom of her page to see her most recent pictures.) LaRose has matured to a lovely young Curly mare with a pretty head, good neck length, a nice topline, and powerful hindquarters. She is a good dressage prospect with lots of suspension in her movement, natural collection, and a special presence about her. LaRose has a bold, curious, friendly temperament and is happy to make friends with anyone who comes to see her, strangers too. She is colour DNA tested as being a true black. She has matured at 15.1 hands and would be a great mare to raise some Curly foals from. LaRose can be bred to our dressage champion stallion Black Diamond if you choose.


*FloraLake Raven Beauty

ABCR and CSI pending
Born May 5th, 2015

Sire: * Mead's Aishihik Twist
Dam: * MCH Buckskin Beauty

Raven Beauty is a refined black filly. She is such a cute, friendly Curly which will have a full mane and tail as she grows. A pretty, shining black with the Warrior lines in her pedigree. Most of Raven's full siblings have been homozygous for black so we will get Raven DNA colour tested as well. Raven is put together nicely with strong, well rounded hindquarters. She has a kind eye and lots of neck length carrying herself with style as she moves. Raven has good ground manners and is a pleasure to work with. We expect her to mature at 15 to 15.1 hands.

SOLD to New Brunswick, Canada


ABC S-635
Born May 11th, 2003

Sire: Tatanka
Dam: Kindred Cocoa

Mojo is a 12 year old, 15.2 hand, straight coated dun mare. She is very quiet and easy to handle on the ground or in the saddle. Mojo loves going on trail rides or is a willing mount for arena work as well. She likes jumping, running a barrel pattern, or pole bending. Mojo has been used in pony club and has shown saddle seat. She is a reliable, versatile mare who tries anything she is pointed at. She has also been trained to drive in her past, but hasn't been driven for some years. Mojo has been riden by children and adults adapting to each individual's riding skills. She stands patiently in the cross-ties for however long is required of her and picks up her feet perfectly. Lots more pictures or video available upon request.

SOLD to Germany