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Our prices include coggins test, health papers, and quarantine here at FloraLake for our overseas buyers. We prefer to quarantine here on the farm so we can continue to have a partnership with our horses until the day they must leave us. For Canadian and US buyers we either give a discount on transporting costs or deliver. All horses are up to date on deworming, hoof care, and ground manners or appropriate training for age level. All horses are fed quality hay, extra minerals or grains, and fresh water at all times.

If you would like to be notified when any of our new foals are born or prefer to reserve a foal in utero please contact us.


A List Of Coming 2022 Foals

FloraLake Mirage Carbonado  X  FloraLake AiEbony LaRose - due end March

Mead's Aishihik Twist  X  MCH Buckskin Beauty - due beginning April

Mead's Aishihik Twist  X  FloraLake Precious Jewel - due beginning April

Mead's Aishihik Twist  X  FloraLake Maya Kanene - due beginning August


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