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* FloraLake Maya Kanene

ABC 4135 , CSI C00792-14
Born April 23rd, 2014 , Female

Sire: * TO Shadow's Black Diamond
Dam: * RR LaBamba

Kanene is a liver chestnut young mare with proven bloodlines for size and performance as a dressage horse. Early indicators predict Kanene as easily maturing at 16 hands or more. As a 3 year old she measures 15.3 hands. Kanene looks much like her 16 hand dam LaBamba who has given us off-spring as tall as herself or more. Her sire Black Diamond has many ribbons and awards in dressage. Kanene's movement is floating and she has a nice free shoulder giving her extra reach and length of stride. Kanene is put together correctly and has a pretty head with a kind eye. She is very sweet to work with and loves practising her ground work, being groomed, picking up feet, or just hanging out with her humans.

Update: Kanene is no longer for sale as we will be keeping her for our breeding program. She has matured at 16.1 hands.

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