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* FloraLake Precious Jasper

ABC 3830, CSI C00653-09
Born March 23rd, 2009 , Male

Sire: * Mead's Aishihik Twist
Dam: * Precious Marble Fire

Jasper is a very curly gelding who was started under saddle as a 4 year old by Chet Martin. Jasper had a full four months put on him by this trainer, coming home as a solid, well trained young horse. They did lots of work in the outdoor sand ring doing walk, trot, canter, also working on leg aids, developing a nice frame, and soft mouth. They did lots of trail rides which Jasper enjoys as well. Since then Jasper has been ridden on the trails around our property and sometimes in the arena. He doesn't mind leaving his other equine friends to take one of his humans for a trail ride or arena work. Jasper has a bold, yet kind, gentle temperament with a special presence about him. He is put together correctly with lots of reach and suspension in his movement. He has a pretty head, good neck length, strong hip, and long legs, which make him well balanced at all three gaits. He can be trained further as a sport horse of your choice - dressage, jumping, maybe eventing. He would also make a sound, quiet trail buddy. Jasper's dam is a very reliable , sweet, non-spooky trail horse. His sire enjoys the trails and also learned quickly while in dressage training. Jasper has a sister which is a competitive jumper in France, who has the same kind temperament, yet also lots of heart to try her best. Jasper has the tightly curled coat, curled eyelashes, full Curly parents, so should be good for someone with allergies.

SOLD to West Virginia, USA

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