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* FloraLake Sundancer

ABC 3923, CSI C00698-10
Born July 1st, 2010 , Male

Sire: * TO Shadow's Black Diamond
Dam: * MCH Buckskin Beauty

Sundancer is a 12 year old Curly gelding that loves trail riding. He is curious about things he meets and is not spooky. Sundancer is a gentle horse with a good mind. He is the type of horse you can trail ride one day and show another. He is handsome and nicely put together if you wish to advance his training in dressage, jumping, or other disciplines as he is a versatile horse. Sundancer stands nicely for mounting, has a smooth trot and canter, or is patient to walk if the rider wishes. He has a good stop too. As you scroll down his page there are pictures of him growing up and on down to foal size. New riding video below.


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