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* Mead's Ebony Spirit

ABC 3050, CSI C00610-99
Born May 1st, 1999 , Female

This mare came here as a horse with no handling. She now leads and loves her scratches from head to tail. She has a kind, gentle nature which she passes unto her foals. Ebony has also proven to pass her size unto her off-spring. Some have matured at 16 hands, others in the range of 15.2 to 15.3 hands. All of Ebony's off-spring have exceptional movement with more extension and suspension at an extended trot than most curly horses. Ebony keeps a full mane and tail. She is a large horse at 15.3 hands. After searching for a large black mare with lots of black down the line in her pedigree we found her at Joe Meads. Now retired.

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